Getting back on your grind

Getting back on your grind

There will be a million and one reasons that will cause you to fall off of your training routine, it's life! Here's a few tips to keep you get on track and stay on track:

1) Understand WHY you're doing this: Is this for you? For the expectations of others? If you find enough reasons why you want to do it for YOU, you are that more likely to stick to your goal. Find meaningful reasons and remind yourself daily. 

2) Stop making excuses, nobody cares. You're not fooling anyone but yourself. Your friends, coworkers, etc. don't care about your fitness goals. If you fall off your workout or your diet, it's not affecting's affecting you! If your poor eating habits, lack of motivation, or poor habits in general are coming from other people's influence then SEPARATE yourself from them. It's true, you become who you surround yourself with. So stay around people who share similar goals as you!

3) Change your habits little by little everyday and you'll create a huge change in your life

Start with the little things:

-Aim to drink more water before every meal

-Wake up 10 minutes earlier to get breakfast in

-Eliminate packaged foods

-Walk 20 minutes every day

These are all small acts you can start incorporating that will create better habits and a stronger/disciplined mindset.

4) Prepare for failure:

If you know you always screw up on the weekend then plan better so you don't fall into the same old habits...

Look up healthier recipes of your favorite cheats and prepare your food ahead of time. That way when your  cravings sneak up on you, you're ready to crush them!

Prepare yourself the night before your a.m. workout. Having your gym bag ready to go is one less thing you can make an excuse of in the morning. Get up, grab it and go! Screw it, brush your teeth after. Just leave the house before your mind plays games on you.

5) Have fun!

Look forward to your workout, even if you're having a long day. Instead of thinking "Ugh, i'm so tired I don't feel like working out" think, "I can't wait to get my energy levels up and release some stress"

It's all about how you think. Think Strong!

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