Restoring health and humanity, nationwide. 


The start of Evolve Nation was due to the obvious scams and unethical business practices being implemented in the fitness and health industry. With a rise in demand for help, human health became the trade off for economical advantages. Big manufacturers and fitness “gurus” quickly began to maximize on this demand by developing “quick fix” products, deceiving food labels “fat free” which has resulted into a misleading representation of what health is and how it’s achieved.  In addition to the false advertisements, the industry fails to promote the importance of mental/emotional health; both of which are essential for optimal health. The reason for this is because it is not as convincing or profitable as promoting a bottle of weight loss pills is. The industry is flooded with information with what to do or what to take but very few companies take the initiative to teach you how to do it. In result to this, EN was developed with the intent of revolutionizing the representation of health by shifting the attention away from the “aesthetic” aspect and instead focusing on the mental health. Change starts in the mind and transcends through our actions. We believe human’s greatest power is in the ability to change and it starts with a better way of thinking. Control Your Mind. Conquer Your Life. No matter what phase you are in life, EN has the proper resources to support your mind, body and life transformation. 

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